Camping Past and Present

Camping under the starsWhen we go camping we usually bring the standard things that most people bring when they go camping. When I was younger and single, I would bring a lot less. Me and my buddies would pack only what we could carry in a backpack and head out to an isolated area for weeks at a time. If we couldn’t carry it or build it, then we wouldn’t get to have it.

These days’ camping with a family is quite a different experience for me. Although I have a rule that no electronic devices are allowed, we still bring some items that a lot of camping enthusiasts would probably balk at. The problem is that my wife is not really a great outdoor lover and I am so I like to go to places that don’t have cabins or bathrooms or even people generally when we go camping. My wife on the other hand would not venture in to the outdoors without some specific things that she calls a necessity like a camping toilet or a very large tent and an air mattress. I make sure to bring those things and she’s a happy camper, or at least she holds off from complaining about being in the outdoors.

The kids are young enough still that they don’t care about what we bring or don’t bring. They’re happy enough to explore the area searching for snakes and bugs and whatever else they can find. Me, on the other hand, I still like to bring things that make me feel useful like the best tool ever invented; my survival knife and some paracord. With those two items I can feed my family for weeks and provide them with decent shelter as well. There isn’t anything I can’t provide with a great knife and some paracord.

I suppose as my kids get older that they will be less thrilled to go on these camping trips and will be fighting to bring their electronic gadgets, but until then I’ve got some peace of mind knowing that they are experiencing the best things this world has to offer and they can unwind and unplug from the hectic world we leave behind, even if it is only for a few weeks out of the year.

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Famous Natural Wonders to Visit

Because there are a lot of places to visit in the United States, the concern of visitors often involves deciding where to start. Even residents of other states schedule trips to tourist destinations in the US to have an actual experience of seeing their country’s famous sites. There is something that will appeal to all the members of the family, from natural landscapes to recreation facilities and historical spots, there’s an abundant supply of destinations that visitors can choose from.

For nature lovers, a trip to the amazing falls of Niagara is a must. The area is located between New York and Ontario, Canada and is one of the greatest natural water show in the world. Niagara Falls is in fact made up of three different falls – the Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil Falls that come together to create a single natural wonder. Millions of tourist and locals come to visit it each year which easily makes it a top favorite.

Yellowstone Park is another natural wonder. It is the world’s first national park and was purposely preserved because it houses a large number of geysers and hot springs and is also home to a wide variety of animal species which includes bears, elk, bison and wolves. This is aside from the fact that the Park has a rugged beauty all its own where molten rock rises toward the surface. This is the reason why it holds about half of the world’s geothermal attractions.

The top spot for most tourist lists would probably be reserved for the Grand Canyon. It is situated in northern Arizona and is a must see for first timers. Even though who have seen it already would benefit from a repeat trip because the place is so huge. The canyon has a depth of about a mile and a length of approximately 250 miles. It has been carved over millions of years by the Colorado River and possesses a complicated and colorful design which offers visitors grand panoramic views that are unmatched the world over.

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Taking a Road Trip around the United States

Long trips through beautiful mountain passes are a great treat even with all that modern life has to offer. Modern infrastructure has made trips even faster since cemented roads have made remote paces more accessible. Road trips to places like Las Vegas are a common route now and can be made safely with devices like a GPS gadget. Other great places to check out include Rocky Mountain National Park which is at its best during the warm months when the roads are not covered with rocks and snow.

There are some safety guidelines that you have to take though when taking a road trip and this includes purchasing roadside assistance. You can also save money by loading up on gas in areas outside cities because the prices are likely to be cheaper there. The cities all over the United States have distinct features to offer and you’ll have a great time discovering local flavors and spots. When in doubt, ask around, most of the people in small towns and cities are quite friendly and willing to help out visitors in their area.

The cities along the west coast easily come to mind when people think of road trips. They will give you a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and take you past Big Sur and the Monterey Peninsula where there are resorts, hotels, campsites, restaurants, and hiking trails. Another great destination is Portland Oregon. The city prides itself with locally grown food, great coffee and brewed beers. It is also one of the few places in the US that has taken concrete steps towards environmentally friendly activities. Some of these efforts include the creation of bike paths all over the city and an active recycling program.

Right in the middle of the United States is Kansas City which is spread over two states and the Missouri River. There are lots of places here where campers can set up tents or where travelers can park their motor homes. Residents are offered discount rates for some facilities and special prices for certain seasons of the year when there are less visitors in the area. Other cities like Phoenix are designed with roads that go all around the city and makes for easier driving.

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Seeing the Sights of New York

Visiting tourist attractions in New York never gets old even if you don’t have any other reason to do it than just plain sightseeing. There are a lot of city tours that provide an overview of the different sites in the city. It is a tourist friendly place and is one of the most visited places in the world that’s preferred orld over prefer to see go to. The City of Skyscrapers has a lot to offer tourists who come in the millions each year to enjoy the famous places in New York.

One of the most visited and easy spots to go to is Central Park. This is a sprawling public park that is located in the center of Manhattan and is a great place to watch nature unfold in different seasons. Lots of people frequent the place to see the conservatory garden where green thumbs can go and enjoy being in the midst of a serene and lush setting. Adventure lovers would love to check out Belvedere Castle and its surrounding kingdom and people of all ages would just enjoy walking through the park. There are running and biking trails all over the place that visitors can also take advantage of while out there.

Going through the city in a classic double-decker bus will let you view Manhattan in all its glory. It passes the busy financial district of Wall Street where the New York Stock Exchange can be found. Licensed guides are also available to tell you the history and background of each historic site that you’ll see. If you want to check out the view from the water, you can book yourself in a cruise tour that will allow you to approach the city from the a different angle so you get to view Lady Liberty as immigrants first saw her thousands of years ago.

The city is steeped in history as well as natural beauty which naturally draw people out to come and visit it. Even those who live in the other states of the US feel the pull to check out this great city which represents an important place in their history. To support the tourism industry, a lot of establishments offer discounts and welcome packages to allow visitors to enjoy their city. Other family friendly spots include the Bronx Zoo, South Street Seaport and the New York Botanical Gardens.

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